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Exit Window 1.0

When a visitor leaves your page, this JavaScript can automatically open a new window

Timed Redirect 1.0

This script presents you a simple way to redirect a user to another page after a pre-defined time interval.

Quick Jump 1.0

Similar to the location box in your browsers, this script allows you to enter a complete web site address (starting with http://) in a text box and to click enter to jump to that site.

Links List 1.0

Each listing includes the link URL and the link's text

Pulldown Menu (Description) 1.0

If you have plenty of space on you webpage or just would like to use a more comprehensive menu list, then this script might suit you nicely. This script works very well and is also very visually appealing.

Popup Page 1.0

JavaScript can open another window after a specified number of seconds when the first page finishes loading. This popup page can function as an advertising window, some tips on navigating your site, what's new, and lots more.

Pulldown Menu (Popup) 1.0

After the user selects an option in the pulldown menu, the new page opens in a new window.
This script is useful when linking to sites not within your site when you do not want the user to leave your site.
Your site will remain open ...

Directory Javascript 1.0

Directory Javascript helps you to create a javascript searchable directory

Must Visit From 1.0

If other sites links directly the sub-pages of your site or if previous required pages are being skipped, you can now require your visitors to come from a certain page. Those that did not come from the required page are alerted then send back ...

Key Launcher 1.0

This script presents you the easiest website navigation

Mixed Pulldown Menu (in Frames) 1.0

This script allows your pulldown menu to individually load menu items either in frames or in their own popup window based on how you configure them.
Just remember to make sure it is clear on your site which kind each menu item is, ...

Must Visit Sponsor 1.0

This script requires the visitor to click your sponsor's banner or link before being able to enter your site.
After clicking the banner or link text, the advertiser's page will open in a new window, and your web page loads in the ...

Computer Drive Browser 1.0

You can also type in a folder path (i.e., "C:Program Files")

5 Function Calculator 1.0

This example can help you see how JavaScript evaluates math functions.

Word Launcher 1.0

This script allows a visitor to navigate to a certain page if he types the correct code.

Month Page 1.0

The script determines the current month and sends them to the correct page.

Remote Control 1.0

This script helps you to simplify the navigation process on your web site by allowing your visitors to open a small remote control window with links to the sections of your site. And, when they click a link, the remote control closes and they ...

Sidebar 1.0

This script allows you to add links to your Netscape 6 sidebar.

Age Redirection 1.0

Occassionally, your Web site might need to redirect minors away from adult content. This script is a very simple preliminary age check. Those underage are then forwarded to another domain.

Link Wheel 1.0

This JavaScript will flip through all the different sites that you include, along with a description of that site.