EM/1 Seb Duggan

Seb Duggan

SmartType 1.0

All HTML tags and comments are exempt from the conversion.

Last.fm Plugin for Mango Blog 1.0.6

The pod will show what the user has been listening to on Last.fm.

Woopra Plugin for Mango 1.1

It inserts the code required to track a site with Woopra.

jQuery Plugin for Mango Blog 1.4.2

The plugin's version number is tied to the jQuery version number.

CF8 Captcha Plugin for Mango Blog 1.1

Customizable settings allow it to integrate any blog or need.

CFFormProtect Plugin for Mango Blog 1.1

It will work on comment and forms alike.

CFX_Markdown 1.0

It is based on MarkdownJ, the Java port of Markdown written by Pete Bevin.