EmanonPHP Framework Daniel Marjos

Daniel Marjos

classHTML 1.0

This class, despite is incomplete yet, is fully functional

clsLoginHandler 1.0

This class provides a generic interface to authenticate site users.

classMySQL 1.0

This class is intended to simplify the access to MySQL Databases

clsSessionHandler 1.0

This class implements a simple wrapper around the main PHP session management functions.

Compose Mail 1.0

This class is intended to send multipart e-mail messages.

clsGoogleApi 1.0

With this class you process the search results in any way that suits your needs.

clsDaemonize 1.0

It also creates a log file to register the daemon activity.


This package implements the Microsoft ADO DB interface to access MySQL databases

cls Socket 1.0

This package is meant to provide a means to build generic socket based networking servers.
Actually it is made of two classes: one for generic socket connection servers and one specialized in handling TCP socket connections.
The ...

TemplateHandler 1.0

This class is a template processing engine that works by search for template place holder marks and replace them by template values.
It supports the definition of conditional sections that can be processed multiple times to generate the ...

classImg 1.0

This class uses a database table to store images

clsImap 1.0

It can retrieve messages and any attachments.