Euklid (Inverse) Distance Weight Matrix Felix Hebeler

Felix Hebeler

Modal 1.0

Calculates the statistical mode (the most frequently occurring element) in a vector (or matrix), and returns the mode, the number of occurrences and the indices of the mode in the vector. Like the build in mode, only also includes indices.

rsquare 1.0

Uses r2 = 1 - SSe/SSt

Hillshade 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2006b

Gaussian Convolution Filter 1.0

Simple script to apply a gaussian convolution filter to a matrix (e.g. of white noise) to introduce spatial correlation while (generally) preserving the original distribution .
Based on the approach of spatial moving averages according ...

PDD Melt 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2006a

Moran's I 1.0

PURPOSE: calculate local Moran's I for a local grid using a weight matrix.

Sysshift 1.0

sysshift checks whether two matrix M1 and M2 are systematically shifted against each other by calculating correlations across a range of shifted origin. This is helpful e.g. if two different digital elevation models of the same area are to be ...

Hypsometric Integral 1.0

- plot hypsometric curve

IPCC2mat 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2006b