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Uploads Folder 2.0.1

It also changes the upload folders to a uploads/page/sub-page format for static pages.

Archive Widgets 1.0.4

Setup Process:

Text Widgets 1.1

It allows automatically inserting paragraphs in text widgets.

Fancy Excerpt 3.0.1

It adds complete sentences to the excerpt until 200 or more characters are reached.

Author Image 4.0.3

It can be displayed within a widget on the sidebar or anywhere on the blog.

Admin Menu 6.0.3

The items of the menu will only be displayed when they're relevant.

Auto Thickbox 2.0.1

It uses the WordPress' built-in thickbox library.

Autolink URI 2.0.2

WordPress fails to sometimes catch an URL properly.

Unfancy Quote 3.0

This prevents broken code occurring, because of curly quotes.

Frame Buster 5.0

Setup Process:

XML Sitemaps 1.6

It also automatically notifies the search engines when the sitemaps get updated.

Opt-In Front Page 4.1.1

Only posts in the "Blog" category will appear on the front page and its RSS feed.

Link Widgets 1.1.2

Setup Process:

Dofollow 4.0

Setup Process:

Bookmark Me 5.0.1

These include Buzz Up!, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Mixx, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Subscribe Me 5.0.2

Setup Process: