Fancy Colored Sitemap Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier

Blurry Background Effect 1.0

The trick implies two images being used: an original image, and a blurred image.

Photo Revealer 1.0

Photos are loaded on page load so there is no waiting after the click.

3D Parralax Background 1.0

Distant stars move slower, closer stars move faster.

Circulate 1.0

It supports 3D actions, paths, loops, distance measurements, speed management and easing.

Remote Linking 1.0

The effect uses nothing but pure CSS and degrades very well in older browsers.

Transparent PNG Fills Pack 1.0

The effect is supported accross multiple browsers.

Rounded Corners 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

User-Switchable Stylesheets 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

Your Own Social Home 1.0

Most important functions of Your Own Social Home:

Fade Out Bottom 1.0

This script produces an interesting effect where the bottom of the page seems to fade out.
The technique makes use of an fixed position div (bottom: 0%) with a transparent PNG image and a high z-index value. The script is compatible ...

Step-by-Step Seminar Registration 1.0

Includes some very basic form validation.

A Nice & Simple Contact Form 1.0

It can be included in any page, allowing users to send out feedback to a website's owner.

Custom Order Form 1.0

Most important functions of Custom Order Form:

Basic Chat Room v2

Most important functions of Basic Chat Room:

Contact Form 1.0

Most important functions of Contact Form:

Website Change Request Form 1.0

It also provides a demo to show lots of advanced form functionality.

Dynamic FAQ Page 1.0

The answer section of the FAQ just slides out from underneath the question.