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zPersonals for MD-Pro 1.0

zPersonals is a modified version of zClassifieds aimed towards dating websites.

Guestbook Module with corrected translation 1.0

Working on eNvolution and MD-Pro

Weather dev 1.0

The weather module is the continuing metamorphosis of a weather program .

BitTorrent 1.0

The module allows the manage of BT-Links, create categories and subcategories, waiting content, votes and comments, else of this come with tree templates, and its easy to use

mp3 Player dev 1.0

Mp3 player is a block for your postnuke, md-pro website

PagEd for MD-Pro 1.0

With this module is very easy to add images in the news and to manage news template, also for new users.

Coppermine gallery 1.0

Coppermine based image gallery, largely untested, can't remember how well it actually works.

MDcontact 1.0

This is French translation for MDcontact

Seminars 1.0

Module to manage seminars, with the ability for the user to visualize and print registration ticket.
Originally this module was on Envolution.com. Personally I've only made an Italian translation. italiano

Ephemerids fix 1.0

This replacement file for ephem.php fixes the ephemerids module so that the block is not displayed on those days for which there is no ephemerid entry.

Link To Us 1.0

Installation and Configuration are very simple. The only thing you have to do is to upload manually your banners in the sub-folder "img" of the module folder.
If you want to change this directory, edit the file index.php and change the ...

Upgrade from PostCalendar 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 1.0

Upgrade from PostCalendar 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 for MD-Pro for other infos about upgrading, please read CAREFULLY Upgrade PostCalendar README.txt file included in this upgrade package

pnFlashGames dev 1.0

Really very pretty and funny.

Google Module 1.0

Module to add integrated search using Google search engine on your MD-Pro powered web site.

MD-Pro - W-agora registration synchronization 1.0

This set of files synchronizes the registration and login of the very versatile W-agora forum program with MD-Pro.

Subjects Fix 1.0

Security fix for Subjects 2.02

CS Center 1.0

1. The inner blocks are shown using themes

Banners AMP Fix 1.0

Banners image and click URL fix

Past Articles Scroller Block 1.0

This is a beautiful scroller for past news in Java or in DHTML

Search for Post Calendar 4 1.0

Just install it in your MD-Pro root and this add Search on Post Calendar on your Search Module