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Movie Embedding Generator 1.0

Movie Embedding Generator produces Flash, Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime and Real Player files.
If you want to bring your web site to life, adding movies and animated content (even audio clips) can really draw some attention.

Image Downloader 1.0

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This Day In History 1.0

Most important functions of This Day In History:

The Perl Proxy Web Loader 1.0

The Perl Proxy Web Loader collects live public proxy server addresses each time it is loaded from two separate web providers.
This guarantees the proxy servers are checked, live and public every hour so you're sure to get the best batch ...

Guess A Number 1.0

This script is a fun little guess a number game for breaks at work or when you want to test your intelligence against the computer.
It offers a number of options to customize the game how you want to play and saves all playing stats for ...

E-Mail Verification System 1.0

When you need to ensure the e-mail addresses your visitors are using are valid, you need an E-mail verification system.
This CGI script (when embedded into a form) will e-mail your users a random ID link that must be clicked to activate ...

Users Online .9

Check to see the number of users online

Link Tracker 1.1

This tool can be used in larger scripts and databases as well.

Counter Code 1.0

Counter Code allows you to install a text counter for your visitors.

Link Popularity 1.0

The Link Popularity script makes it easier and faster to check a site's link popularity.

Google Cache Reader 1.0

This script tracks down the last time the Googlebot accessed and scanned through your web site.
If you're interested in seeing how frequently you've been scanned and what pages are being indexed, this is a great tool for you and your web ...

Image Gallery Image Gallery 1.0

Image gallery script offers you password protected admin and image upload pages, gallery view/image view, image size dimensions, real thumbnail generation, edit/remove images or information on the fly..and more!

Anonymous Chatterbox 2.5

This CGI Anonymous Chatterbox script allows you to install a simple chat system on your site.

Random Image Generator 1.0

This script, when used with forms, prevents form automation by scripts and programs by requiring the user to type in a random key.
The key is encoded as an image with colors, sizes, fonts, random locations and other features making it ...

Secret Encoder 1.0

This script allows you to encode your message into numbers. Just type your message and click ENCODE or if you have a message encoded already, all you need to do is paste it in and click DECODE in order to read it.
You can encode the ...

Address Book 1.0

Address Book script offers you the tools you would expect to see in a powerful address book: search, print data, add, remove names and more
This also acts as a brilliant script for those who are interested in getting into Perl scripting ...

The MySpace Friends Maker 1.0

The MySpace Friends Maker makes it extremely fast and easy to add hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONs of MySpace friends to your account! It runs fast and with very little human intervention.

Mailing List 2.4

Some of the notable features are:

Literati Cheat / Word Descrambler .8

Desecramble your letters to find words in seconds!

Perl File Scanner 1.0

The Perl File Scanner scans all files on your hard drive and records all extensions found and the size of each file it scans.
The uses of this script are many. It was originally intended to be nothing more than an interesting script to ...