Navigation with Hal 1.0

Navigation with Hal is a navigation system for your website made in Flash.

flower & butterfly 1.0

flower & butterfly script provides you a flower and butterfly effect for your page.

Sanctuary_Final 1.0

Sanctuary_Final presents you an interesting animation effect.

3D Mouse Navigation 1.0

3D Mouse Navigation presents you an easy to use 3D effect.

drag_light 1.0

drag_light is a 3D efect for dragging light around an object.

Fish 1.0

Fish script shows a moving fish using Flash.

3D Prugine 1.0

3D Prugine script shows an animated 3D rotating object.

Analog Clock Other 1.0

Analog Clock Other script allows you to create an analog clock in Flash.

Clock 2.0 2.0

Clock 2.0 is a good looking clock made in flash.

Mouse Recorder 1.0

Mouse Recorder script allows you to record your mouse movement history

Light 1.0

Light script is a light effect for your flash animations.

Mouse Car 1.0

Drag mouse.

flash Mouse Recorder 1.0

Mouse Recorder script allows you to record all mouse movements.

flash TENNIS GAME 1.0

TENNIS GAME is a nice and easy to play tennis game made in flash.

Googlie Search 1.0

Googlie Search allows you to setup a search tool on your website.