Find duplicate file names Artur de Sousa Rocha

Artur de Sousa Rocha

Find out where a URL is redirected 1.0

This script finds out where the specified URL is redirected

Extract verbatim texts from LaTeX file 1.0

This script extracts contents of all verbatim environments from the LaTeX file specified on command line. Modified LaTeX code with verbatiminput commands instead of verbatim is produced on the standard output.

Temperature class 1.1

This script allows you to assign temperature values in one scale and you have it available in others as respective attributes. Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Rankine are supported (k, c, f, r attributes).

Criteria-based cascading priority queue 1.0

This module provides a simple criteria-based priority queue with "priority cascading".

Entering accented characters in Tkinter widgets 1.3

This module provides two standard Tkinter widgets, Entry and ScrolledText, modified for text editing with key bindings that allow entering accented letters, umlauts, etc.
Accent bindings are defined in the Diacritical.accent table. Not ...

Manipulate Mac OS clipboard 1.2

This script is a clipboard manipulation module that demonstrates some simple use of Carbon API. It can double as a Unix-style command-line tool that prints the clipboard contents to stdout or, if specified, copies its stdin to the clipboard, ...

Fetch a file preserving relative path 1.0

The fetch_relative() function downloads a file, reproducing the directory structure from the server. After downloading, additional callback function can be performed on the file's contents.
If the local copy already exists, the file is ...