Finding Square Root upto 250 Digits born2c0de


Viewing System Uptime 1.0

Display's System Uptime

Viewing Cache Passwords in Windows 98 1.0

Uses the in-built Windows 98 Undocumented API to retrieve Cache Passwords

Finding Prime Palindromes 1.0

This code finds n prime palindromes after a specified number. [n too can be specified]

Differentiation of a Function by First Principle 1.0

Demonstrates Derivative of a User Defined Function using First Principle.

REC Disassembler Source 1.0

This software is part of REC, the reverse engineering compiler.

Finding Base Memory 1.0

Address 0x413h gives the size of base memory

Simplest Encryption 1.0

Shows very very simple encryption.

Shortest Function to Reverse a String 1.0

Shows how a string can be reversed using Recursion

Finding Number of Trailing Zeros in n! 1.0

BASED ON A MATHEMATICAL THEOREM: Theorem: Any Number can be represented in a PRIME-POWER form. For Example, 100! can be written as follows: 100! = 2^a * 3^b * 5^c * 7^d .....(prime numbers till 100) where a,b,c,d etc. are variable powers.

Deleting Selected Set of Characters from a String 1.0

This Code Snippet shows how a given set of characters can be deleted from a string.

User IP Logger 1.0

Saves the IP of the User as well as his localtime when a page is accessed.

Currency [Rupee] Denomination Program 1.0

A Simple Indian Rupee denomination Program in Perl

Getting Current Directory 1.0

Function to get the current directory.

Using ZIP Files with PERL 1.0

This code creates and Extracts ZIP Files.

Viewing Keyboard Queue 1.0

The list from 0x41E contains a Head and Tail pointer as shown in the code

Returning More than 1 Value through a Function 1.0

Shows how multiple values can be returned by the use of pointers.

Getting Header Information 1.0

Gets Host Header Information using PERL.

Multiplying numbers using Double-recursion 1.0

This multiply recursive function uses a recursive add function to get the product of two numbers.

Decimal to Hex Convertor 1.0

Converts a Decimal Number into Hexadecimal through the Command Line.

Solve Quadratic Equations using Factorisation 1.0

Solves a Quadratic Equation using Factorisation