FineDiv Peter Klauer

Peter Klauer

rollover2 1.0

rollover3 is the newer version and should replace rollover2 whereever it is used.

finetable 1.0

If proper write permissions are available on the webhost, the class will generate two image file automatically.

CSS Protector 1.0

The CSS classes used to identify the string are renamed every time to foul the spam bots.

mdb classes 1.0

This class is meant to access Microsoft Access .mdb database files by specifying their filenames.
It uses a Windows ADODB COM object to open the .mdb database. From then on you can execute SQL queries and retrieve the result set date like ...

ktimer 1.0

The function stop() only works once per timer or after the function restart() is called.

ebay_de 1.0

Inspired by the eBayAPI from Sunny Rajpal, this class is technically completely different and faster. All the information is gathered in one single loop.
This class is for German eBay pages only (, The function showdata() ...

hide_mail_link 1.0

This class hides the email address away from crawlers

flip_link 1.0

The script requires JavaScript in order to function.

confirm 1.0

To the non-IE users the class will generate a normal PHP confirm() dialog.

SQL Table 1.0

This class is meant to output SQL database query results as HTML tables.

Comment 1.0

This class can be used to manage a generic comments system. It could be used to add comments to a blog, a guest book, etc..
The comments are stored in an SQL database table. The class can install the table and associated indexes. ...

Info Box 1.0

Screenreaders can switch the tooltips off (using a hidden link) and have meaningful title attributes for the corresponding web page elements.
The class provides several means for associating tooltip messages to different page ...

ezcounter 1.0

This class is meant to count user visit or page hits.

servertime 1.0

It works with the browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera.

germandate 1.0

The short day format in German is only two characters long, not three.

ezhtml 1.0

It features debugging Helper, meta tag helper, fast html page building, changing query_strings, "folders" fold parts of the page away, div helper.

new_label 1.0

new_label is able to take the time values directly out of a mysql table "date" field.