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Image Counter 1.0

This code will generate a graphical image counter

phpLedMailer 1.8

Here is a sort list of new features:

[PHP] Tags 1.0

function PHPCode($str) {

Users Online snippet 1.0

Users Online - Shows the amount of users online at a time.

Add ... to a String 1.0

to a String is a function that will automatically add ..

Numbered Code Highlighter 1.0

Numbered Code Highlighter will hightlight the php code and number each line

MySQL Class snippet 1.0

I'm going to describe every single aspect of here, but you need to set the variables at the top to get a connection and then you can figure out how to actually use it.
Source Code

OOP Form Validation 1.0

OOP Form Validation script demonstrates how to validate forms.

Splitting A Record Into Pages 1.0

Splitting A Record Into Pages code allows you to learn how to read in a text file and split it into pages.

Random String 1.0

Random String will show you how to generate a completly random string.

Tell A Friend Form 1.0

Tell A Friend Form is a simple tell a friend form that validates all of the necessary fields.

Display a mySQL Database 1.0

Fill in the $host, $name, $password, $database, and $table wifh the name of the proper stuff. Then inside the {}, I gave a sample with the id, you can keep adding them for each column in mySQL.
Source Code

Checking Variables 1.0

Checking Variables is the proper way to take action according to weather a variable is set or not.

Random Image Generator snippet 1.0

Random Image Generator snippet will select a random image from a given directory. It allows you to limit what type of images that can be selected.
The function will search the directory for all images that are allowed. Then return a ...

Flat File User Online 1.0

Flat File User Online simply displays the number of people currently visiting your site without the use of mySQL.

Rotating Banner 1.0

All you have to do is set $File and $Images to the paths to the images. It will just do the next image in $Images in order. It doesn't rotate banners for seperate users, it just goes through. Before you use it, create the $Stat file and set ...