Free Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager (AMLM) Dr. Daniel Quek

Dr. Daniel Quek

Autoresponder + Mailing List Manager (AMLM) Pro v5.2 PRO

A program that every internet marketer neeeds

Follow-Up Email Autoresponder (FUEA) v1.4

The FUEA is a simple little email autoresponder with useful features.

Earn-It Manager v1.3

If you are giving away for free or selling something online then you need this script.

Affiliate Manager for Clickbank v2.0 v2.0

The script helps Clickbank Merchants to dramatically increase your link popularity and search engine

Tell-A-Friend for Clickbank Merchants v1.3

There are plenty of 'recommend us' scripts out there, but none of them offers affiliate links genera

SW Cloaker v2.1

This software helps you to gain top listings with major search engines, and easily generate 1,000's

Clickbank's Earn-It Manager v1.3

If you are selling something online through ClickBank then you need this script.

Multi Mailing List v1.4

A simple, easy to install mailing list program for all your newsletters and eZines.