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Gazatem Technologies

Media News Portal 1.0

Content schedule feature

Gportal 1.0

Rating and comment opportunity

Gnews Publisher .NET (Aug'09 Released) 1.5

A cost-effective solution to manage news and articles online.

Piranha News Manager .net release 1

complete web publishing software for .NET servers

Active News Manager Private label 

Complete news management system for windows servers

Gnews Publisher v10 (2010 Updated Release) 10.1

Database-driven complete news portal software for Windows Servers!

Gnews Publisher Open Source Code 10i Ver.

web-publishing software and ideal solution for news portal sites.

Media News Portal v 1.4 (2009 RELEASE + SEO PACK) 1

Complete software for publishers who wants to drive an online newspaper.

Gnews Publisher Advanced 8

Gnews is an online helper to manage your content.

Active News Manager 3.6

The software allows editors to edit content using an WYSIWYG editor.

Gnews Publisher 1.0

The owner may write and publish his news, announcements and press releases easily.

GLink Business Directory Edition 1

A powerful web directory manager

Gportal Web Directory & News Portal (SEO PACK + 2009 RELEASE) 10 (2009 SEO PACK)

Ultimate web directory and news management software with SEO package

Glink Business Index Manager 1.0

Why to choose GLINK Index

Glink 1.0

Glink Index Manager is available.

Glist Mailing List & Newsletter Manager 2.3

You may contact your clients and send email to anyone using an online tool.

GNEWS.NET Publisher 1

An ASP.NET application to manage a dynamic web site

Gazatem Technologies & Software 

We develop various content management systems to assist web site owners.