Gallery in 4 lines of jQuery, MooTools or Dojo Ivan Lazarevic

Ivan Lazarevic

jqIsoText 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

Fancy Transitions Featured Gallery 1.4.0

Three types of transition effects are available: curtain, wave and zipper.

Coin Slider 4 WordPress 1.0

The user can choose between three types of transition effects: random, rain and swirl.

Coin Slider 1.0

It uses jqFancyTransitions to power the image transitions.

jqFancyTransitions 1.7

Most important functions of jqFancyTransitions:

Gradientor 0.1

Just choose elements and set first and last color in gradient scheme.

Gradienter 1.0

Select the elements to apply the gradient to and set first and last color in gradient.

mooBarGraph 1

Chart data is loaded from remote locations using AJAX calls.

jqBarGraph 1.0

Graph work well without any additional CSS, but it can easily be styled via CSS files.