Gauche 0.9

Operating systemsOS : Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
Program licensingScript Licensing : BSD - BSD License
CreatedCreated : Dec 23, 2009
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Program licensing
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It will allow programmers and system administrators ...

It will allow programmers and system administrators to write small to large scripts for their applications.
gauche by Shiro Kawai is a script engine in the sense that it reads and evaluates the source code, but internally it compiles Scheme expressions into an intermediate forma by optimizing compiler then executes it by a virtual machine.
So far, the performance is comparable to other scheme_interpreter.
Most important functions of Gauche 0.9:
General features:
• Covers R5RS, almost.
• Both R5RS high-level macro and legacy define-macro are support.
• Numeric operations are supported on fixnum, bignum, flonum and complex.
module system:a simple module system, api compatible to STklos
• Object system:CLOS-like object system with metaobject protocol. Almost API compatible to STklos . It is also similar to Guile 's object system.
• Multibyte string support: Strings are represented by multibyte string internally. You can use UTF-8, EUC-JP, Shift-JIS or no multibyte encoding by configure-time choice. Conversion between native coding system and external coding system is supported by port objects.
• Multibyte regexp: Regular expression matcher is aware of multibyte string; you can use multibyte characters both in patterns and matched strings.
• Reader extension: literal regexp and char-set, string interpolation: Extended reader recognizes #/. . . / as an regular expression, and #[. . . ] as a character set. Handy to write one-liners. (e. g. (rxmatch-substring (rxmatch #/(d+)/ "abc123def")) ==> "123")
• Also "string interpolation" is supported (e. g. (display #`"1 + 2 = , (+ 1 2)
• ")).
• System interface: Covers most of POSIX. 1 and some other features common in Unices. See section 6. 19 of the reference manual for details.
• Network interface: Has API for socket-based network interface, including IPv6 if the OS suppots it.
• Multithreading: On some platforms, multithreading is supported on top of pthreads. Scheme-level API conforms srfi-18.
• DBM interface: Interface to DBM-like libraries (dbm, ndbm and/or gdbm) if the system provides them.
• XML parsing: Oleg Kiselyov's SXML tools are included.
• OpenGL binding: OpenGL binding is provided in a separate package.
• GTK binding: GTK2 binding is provided in a separate package.
Supports the following SRFIs:
• SRFI-0 Feature based conditional expansion construct
• SRFI-1 List library
• SRFI-2 And-let*
• SRFI-4 Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes
• SRFI-5 A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
• SRFI-6 String ports
• SRFI-7 Feature-based program configuration language
• SRFI-8 Receive
• SRFI-9 Record Types
• SRFI-10 Sharp-comma external form
• SRFI-11 Let-values
• SRFI-13 String Library
• SRFI-14 Character Set Library
• SRFI-16 Syntax for procedures of variable arity
• SRFI-17 Generalized set!
• SRFI-18 Multithreading support
• SRFI-19 Time data types and procedures
• SRFI-22 Running Scheme Scripts on Unix
• SRFI-23 Error reporting mechanism
• SRFI-25 Multi-dimensional array primitives
• SRFI-26 Notation for Specializing Parameters without Currying
• SRFI-27 Sources of random bits
• SRFI-28 Basic format strings
• SRFI-29 Localization
• SRFI-30 Nested Multi-line comments
• SRFI-31 A special form rec for recursive evaluation
• SRFI-34 Exception Handling for Programs
• SRFI-35 Conditions
• SRFI-36 I/O Conditions (partly)
• SRFI-37 args-fold: a program argument processor
• SRFI-38 External Representation for Data With Shared Structure
• SRFI-39 Parameter objects
• SRFI-40 A Library of Streams
• SRFI-42 Eager comprehenshion
• SRFI-43 Vector Library
• SRFI-45 Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms
• SRFI-55 require-extension
• SRFI-61 A more general cond clause
• SRFI-62 S-expression comments
• SRFI-87 => in case clauses
News in the current Gauche [gauche0.9.exe] version:
• New module: rfc. zlib: Zlib compression/decompression.
• New module: rfc. sha: SHA2 support. rfc. sha1 is superseded by this module.
• New module: util. sparse: Sparse vectors backed up by space-efficient trie, and hash-tables implemented on top of sparse vectors. They are memory efficient than the builtin hash tables when you want to keep tens of millions of entries.
• Autoprovide: You no longer need 'provide' form for most of times. If (require "X") successfully loads X. scm and it doesn't have a provide form, the feature "X" is automatically provided. See the "Require and provide" section of the reference for more details.
• Module Gauche - 0MB. test: Improved testing for exceptions. You can now test whether a specific type of condition is thrown by giving (test-error condition-type) as the expected result. See the manual entry for more details.
• Module rfc. http: Now handles proxy by :proxy keyword argument. You can also easily compose application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data message to send form parameters. New procedures: http-put and http-delete.
• Module rfc. mime: Added support of composing a MIME message.
• Module Gauche 0.9. threads: New procedures: thread-stop!, thread-cont!, thread-state.
• Module gauche. termios: On Windows native support, this module provides Windows Console API instead of POSIX termios API, since emulationg POSIX termios on Windows is too much. A set of common high-level API that can be used on both POSIX and Windows are also added.
• Module gauche. dictionary provides a bidirectional map, < bimap> .
• run-process in module gauche. process, and builtin sys-exec and sys-fork-and-exec support :directory keyword argument to specify the working directory of the executed process.
• Module file. util provides create-directory-tree and check-directory-tree.
• Module gauche. net provides low-level socket operations: socket-sendmsg, socket-buildmsg, and socket-ioctl. Call-with-client-socket takes new keyword args to specify buffering mode for the socket.
• Module www. cgi: cgi-main switches the buffering mode of stderr to line, so that the httpd log can record error messages line-by-line (much less clutter than before).

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