Generate Code for HTML Tables Brett McLean

Brett McLean

Background Color Changer 1.0

It could be useful for testing color schemes.

Text Field Clock 1.0

This script displays the current time in a text field using hh:mm:ss (AM/PM) format.

Character/Word Combinations 1.0

This Javascript will accept a string of letters as input and determine how many ways those letters can be rearranged, ignoring non-unique combinations caused by repeat letters. As well, at the user's request, this program will recursively ...

Reverse Text 1.0

This Javascript takes a user-provided string, and reverses the characters.

Binary/Decimal Conversion 1.0

This Javascript program will take any numerical binary or decimal and converts it to its respective decimal or binary representation.

Password Generator Javascript 1.0

This Javascript generates a random combination of letters and numbers for the purpose of use in a password.
It can create different passwords based on whether or not the password is case-sensitive, if it must /contain numbers, and based ...