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Umachandar Jayachandran

Custom time format 1.0

After creating the column it then verifies the validity of the data using the CHECK constraint.

Convert TIMESTAMP values to numeric 1.0

The SQL script will convert TIMESTAMP values to numeric values.

Compute product of values 1.0

The stored procedure has little practical usage, but can be used for learning purposes.

Perform case-sensitive search on strings in a case-insensitive server 1.0

The stored procedure can be used on any SQL server as well, leveraging on ASCII character codes.

Compare two different databases 1.0

It handles databases on the same server or in different servers.

Enumerate directories, files using NT DIR commands 1.0

The script shows how to enumerate directories and files using NT DIR commands.

Find the number of days in a month 1.0

The script to find and count the number of days within any month.

Format int or decimal values with commas 1.0

It will transform "1.6" into "1,6".

Getting file details (alternative method) 1.0

Getting file details is easy using the undocumented extended SP 'xp_getfiledetails'.

Count occurrences of a string in all SPs in DB 1.0

The function counts every occurrence of a string in all stored procedures of a database.

Strip money values from a specifically formatted string 1.0

This is an Ms-SQL procedure to strip money values from a specifically formatted string.

Copy text values 1.0

This script demonstrates for a text value in a single row.

Auto Generating Templates 1.0

The procedure can be used on SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 6.5 and earlier versions.

Drop a database using an on-demand task 1.0

This procedure can be used to drop a database and device files by a SQL Executive job process.

Encrypt using XOR 1.0

XOR cipher is a simple encryption algorithm used in many mediums.

Minimum value 1.0

It is a bit of code for beginners, showing how to do sorting and comparisons in SQL.


The admin can specify the SPIDs as a list or he can just view statistics per username.

HEX string value to int conversion.sql 1.0

The code is to convert a hexadecimal value stored in a string to integer.