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Keisuke URAGO

Wrapping template engine 1.0

It is not so easy to put template engine and the template itself together, and to separate logic and a template. This script should define the value substituted for the slot of the easy source code for using template engine, the function of ...

Geometrical-oriented image search 1.0

A find command is able to size-oriented search files. This script is searching image files by geometry.

List object carried out to an instance 1.0

In order to change into a list, the length of an instance is investigated first. "__len__()". Next, all the contents are taken out in order. "__getitem__()"

Convert objects from string arguments 1.4

Usually, although they are a character sequence, all the arguments when starting a program are making it a special format, and if they change an argument into various models and pass it, they are convenient.

Controlling gzipped I/O 1.2

This script uses gzip and StringIO module and is useful to the time of wanting to treat stream compressed by mod_gzip of Apache, and the data compression of transmission programs.