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Post snippet to Snipplr 1.0

Alternative bundle command for e-texteditor or TextMate.

Preview in IE 1.0

Preview in IE - create a preview in IE for ruby

Check for e updates 1.0

Requires wget and curl.

wxCocoaDialog dropdown example in Ruby 1.0

This is an example of how to use the wxCocoaDialog dropdown widget from Ruby.

Super Simple Speller 1.0

Requires aspell and wxCocoaDialog.

wxCocoaDialog progressbar example 1.0

This is a companion project to his e Text Editor.

YAML Config File Example 1.0

YAML Config File Example - how to setup an YAML Config File

Strip HTML Tags 1.0

This replaces the PHP-based function in the HTML bundle.

Post to Twitter from e/TextMate 1.0

Post to Twitter from e/TextMate shows how to post twitter from e/TextMate.

Ruby env shebang with warnings 1.0

Ruby env shebang with warnings - how to create an ruby env shebang with warnings

Image info from blogging.rb 1.0

Image info from blogging.rb - extract image info from blogging.rb