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Git is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control ...

git by git Development Team is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with a rich command set that provides both high-level operations and full access to internals
This is world-wide used to manage and track file and directory content, providing developers with an easy way to develop, follow or track their projects
Besides providing a version_control system, the Git project provides a generic low-level toolkit for tree history storage and directory content management. Traditionally, the toolkit is called the plumbing.
Aside the user interface coming with Git [git1.7.2.3.exe] itself, several other projects (so-called porcelains) offer compatible version control interfaces.
Most important functions of Git - 0MB:
• Distributed development. Like most other modern version control systems, Git gives each developer a local copy of the entire development history, and changes are copied from one such repository to another. These changes are imported as additional development branches, and can be merged in the same way as a locally developed branch. Repositories can be easily accessed via the efficient Git protocol (optionally wrapped in ssh for authentication and security) or simply using HTTP - you can publish your repository anywhere without any special web-server configuration required.
• Strong support for non-linear development. Git supports rapid and convenient branching and merging, and includes powerful tools for visualizing and navigating a non-linear development history.
• Efficient handling of large projects. Git is very fast and scales well even when working with large projects and long histories. It is commonly an order of magnitude faster than most other version control systems, and several orders of magnitude faster on some operations. It also uses an extremely efficient packed format for long-term revision storage that currently tops any other open source version control system.
• Cryptographic authentication of history. The Git history is stored in such a way that the name of a particular revision (a "commit" in Git terms) depends upon the complete development history leading up to that commit. Once it is published, it is not possible to change the old versions without it being noticed. Also, tags can be cryptographically signed.
• Toolkit design. Following the Unix tradition, Git is a collection of many small tools written in C, and a number of scripts that provide convenient wrappers. Git provides tools for both easy human usage and easy scripting to perform new clever operations.
News in the current Git version:
• When people try insane things such as delta-compressing 4GiB files, we threw an assertion failure.
• "git archive" gave the full commit ID for "$Format:%h$".
• "git fetch --tags" did not fetch tags when remote. . tagopt was set to --no-tags. The command line option now overrides the configuration setting.
• "git for-each-ref --format='%(objectname:short)'" has been completely broken for a long time.
• "git gc" incorrectly pruned a rerere record that was created long time ago but still is actively and repeatedly used.
• "git log --follow -M -p" was seriously broken in 1. 7. 2, reporting assertion failure.
• Running "git log" with an incorrect option started pager nevertheless, forcing the user to dismiss it.
• "git rebase" did not work well when the user has diff. renames configuration variable set.
• An earlier (and rather old) fix to "git rebase" against a rebased upstream broke a more normal, non rebased upstream case rather badly, attempting to re-apply patches that are already accepted upstream.

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