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Bad Behaviour 1.0

This module integrates Bad Behaviour into PostNuke.

delicioustagging 1.0

This module requires installation of the deliciousapi module to function.


XML-RPC is a very simple remote prodecure call standard used by many blogging clients to communiate with blogging software.
Up to PostNuke .76x an XML-RPC modue was included as standard but underlying security issues in the module ...

dailydelicious 1.0

dailydelicious is part of a suite of modules allowing integration of a social bookmarking account into a PostNuke site. The dailydelicious provides a method of posting updates of additions to a account to the news ...

Scheduler postnuke 1.1

This module provides the ability to schedule PostNuke jobs at certain times of the day/week/month i.e. a postnuke cron function. Jobs can be triggered either via an external trigger (recommended) or via a block on the site.
The module is ...

trackback 1.01

This module enables PostNuke blogs to support the trackback mechanism.

PostNuke Web Services 1.0

A suite of modules to implement a full set of web services (xml-rpc, soap) and blog servers (trackback, pingback). Utility modules are also planned to bring PN up to the feature set required for a full blogging environment.

deliciousapi 1.0

deliciousapi is part of a suite of modules allowing integration of a social bookmarking account into a PostNuke site. The deliciousapi module provides the basic connectivity with the API.
Itself it provides no ...

ThemeSwitcher 1.0

The ThemeSwitcher module allows users of your site to preview and switch the theme that they use to view your site with. This module builds on and enhances the theme switching functionality offered by the core PN distro.
This module ...

nofollow 1.0

Google support that any link with the rel="nofollow" attribute will not be followed by it's bots nor will this link have any effect when calculating page ranks. This simple hook adds the attribute rel="nofollow" to any links in any module to ...

pnrender_hook 1.0

pnRender hook is a transform hook module (a la autolinks) that allows the use of pnRender template logic within content items.
Once the hook is activated for the chosen module pnRender template tags can be added to the content as ...

deliciouslinks 1.0

The module also supplies recent links and tag cloud blocks

htmlpages 2.1

This module will let you add simple HTML pages to your site. Upon specifying appropriate permissions, you can let users or groups of users add pages as well.
Smarty and pnRender tags and logic may be included in the page's content. Search ...

Blogroll 1.0

Blogroll is module allowing you to manage your blogroll