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Gossamer Threads Inc

Links v2.0 2.0

Links is an easy-to-use Directory Management program

Gossamer Links 1.0

· Perl 5.004_04

Gossamer AutoRespond 1.0

- Unlimited number of advanced autoresponders, follow up messages and leads

Gossamer List 1.0

Gossamer List is a versatile and powerful mailing list manager.

FileMan 1.0

- Create new files using a WYSIWYG html editor (like FrontPage or Dreamweaver)

MySQLMan 1.09

- browse/create/drop databases

DBMan 2.0.5

DBMan is a full-featured Database Manager that provides a web interface to add, remove, modify or view records in a flatfile ascii database.
An advanced user management system helps keep database maintenance easy and efficient, while a ...

DBMan SQL 2.1.0

It provides a web front end to add, modify, delete or search on any type of database. You can use the easy setup wizard to create your own database from scratch, or auto create a configuration file based on an existing table! DBMan SQL also ...