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MA Razzaque Rupom

SQL Parsing 1.0

This is a simple class that can parse text files with a list of MySQL query statements to be executed.
The class splits the file lines, skips comment lines and gathers all consecutive lines until the one ends with semi-colon to get the ...

SQL 2 PDF Report 1.0

This class can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of MySQL database queries.
The class can execute one or more given queries and generate dump the results as HTML tables to a temporary page file.
The PDF document is ...

Easy Calendar 1.0

The output of the cal command for a given month is formatted and inserted into a HTML table.

Grab Gmail Address Book 1.0

This class can be used to grab the contact lists of an Gmail user.

Secure Password 1.0

The class generates an hash for a password using a random salt of a given length. The hash is generated using the SHA1 algorithm appended to the salt string.
Whether a password matches a specified hash can also be checked. It applies the ...

Path To XML 1.0

This package can be used to generate XML documents from directory listings.

Simple Template Parser Class 1.0

Both template strings or files can be processed.

Deleting specific files 1.0

It traverses a given directory recursively and deletes only files with a specified extension.

XML To Array 1.0

This class can be used to parse XML documents.

Text Search Replace 1.0

The files are read to search for a given regular expression text.

HTML 2 PDF Report 1.0

The generated PDF document will be served as the current script output.