Graph classes Eugene Panin

Eugene Panin

IniConfig 1.0

Parses .ini files and supplies utility functions for writing and modification.

Meta tags fetcher 1.0

This class is meant to retrieve a Web page of a given URL and retrieve the values of its HTML meta tags.
The class parses the retrived pages and extracts its title and the meta tag values for the keywords and description, if present.

Parser 1.0

Parses Windows-like config file.

Timestamp classes 1.0

Class intended to format timestamps in different time zones.

Semaphore 1.0

Library intended to lock form processing.

Pager 1.0

The listing can be split across several pages.

ObjectCache 1.0

ObjectCache class provides you some Object manipulation routines.

ConvertedString 1.0

Class to handle string that needs to be converted to some format.

Remote Content retriever 1.0

Remote Content retrieves remote URL or local file.

OCFLib 1.0

Library to work with Open Catalog Format XML Dictionary.

AMenuTree 1.0

Try to simplify and improve Sword Su's menutree class

Picture of the Day 1.0

This package can be used to show a different pictures every day.

Custom URL 1.0

Can be used to manage programmable URLs.

ObjectCache2 1.0

ObjectCache2 stores objects in different types of cache. It stores objects in operative memory, dba, dbm, shared memory.

phpAddDict - Library to work with select, checkbox and radio lists 1.0

PHP Class Library to work with large number of lists/dictionaries on web pages

Myref - PHP class library for control lists (references) 1.0

Manage "select", "checkbox" and "radio" lists (references) from your scripts with easy

Picture of the Day PHP Script 1.0

Script shows a Picture of the Day - Daily changing picture

Myref class library 

The script gets lists from database for further output on the HTML-page