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Is your software reliable? Does each module perform ...

Is your software reliable? Does each module perform as expected? Are you sure? Don't wait until your project's lifecycle is in the testing phase to answer these questions.
Perform unit_testing while your application is still being built. If your developers unit test, project build time and test time can be significantly decreased. Your developers know -- and can prove -- that each module works as it should, and fewer "unexpected problems" should arise during testing.
Harness the awesome power of unit testing with harnessit by United Binary, LLC., the premier unit testing software for . NET Developers.
Whether you are someone looking for a simple but powerful unit testing solution, a follower of a "test-first" agile methodology such as Extreme Programming, or a developer that needs a fully-supported unit testing product, then download HarnessIt now and see for yourself how easy unit testing can be.
Features:- Attribute Based Framework [HarnessIt [harnessit1.4.0.3.exe] Innovation]
HarnessIt - 0MB’ s testing framework is entirely attribute-based which provides greater flexibility than traditional inheritance-based frameworks. The use of attributes is especially important since . NET allows only single inheritance.
- Pluggable Test Execution Engines [HarnessIt Innovation]
HarnessIt is built around a pluggable test engine framework which allows testing of Windows, web, and remote applications with unparalleled functionality.
- Hierarchical View of tests [HarnessIt Innovation]
HarnessIt displays your tests in a tree view much like Visual Studio's Class View. This allows you to enable and disable subsets of your tests at run-time. The tree reports which areas of your tests have succeeded and which have failed. Finally, it allows browsing of test reports in a hierarchical manner.
- Exception Explorer [HarnessIt Innovation]
HarnessIt puts the power of exceptions at your disposal -- the Exception Explorer is your key to accessing exception information. This information is made available by category and Exception hierarchy.
- Web Test Engine [HarnessIt Innovation]
The Web Test Engine executes your unit tests exactly as they would execute in your web application or web service. The Web Test Engine is designed to test code that depends on ASP. NET in an integral fashion, such as code that uses the Session object or the HttpApplication object.
- Remote Test Engine [HarnessIt Innovation]
The Remote Test Engine executes your unit tests in two strikingly different ways. First, it lets you use HarnessIt to execute tests on a remote machine as if you had a local copy of HarnessIt on that machine. Second, it allows your tests to run inside your application. Imagine if you had written a complex Windows application, and that you needed to test something which required a complex program state that is only achievable while your application is running. The Remote Test Engine allows you to control your application from HarnessIt to make your application execute tests from its normal running state.
- Trace and Debug Information Integrated with Test Results [HarnessIt Innovation]
HarnessIt captures any Trace or Debug output emitted from your unit tests and categorizes the output by unit test, whether the tests are run locally or remotely.
- XML and RTF Test Output
HarnessIt allows you to save detailed, comprehensive test results as either eXtensible Markup Language (XML) or Rich Text Format (RTF) documents. If you need the ability to process the test output programmatically, then save your results as XML. If you wish to print the results or modify them with a word processing package, then save your results as RTF.
- Exceptions on Child Threads are Caught and Reported
HarnessIt can catch and report any exceptions that occur in all threads spawned by the testing process. For example, if you are testing a class that starts ten worker threads, HarnessIt can detect and report that an exception occurred in one of the worker threads.
- 100% Managed Code
HarnessIt is written in 100% managed C# code.
- Local Test Engine
The Local Test Engine executes your unit tests within HarnessIt's process. Think of this as the "standard" unit testing engine. This engine is perfect for testing_application or library code on your local machine.
- Step Through Unit Tests with Visual Studio. NET Debugging
HarnessIt integrates tightly with Visual Studio. NET to allow you to execute tests in HarnessIt and step through your code with Visual Studio. NET's debugger.
- Test Legacy Code
You can use HarnessIt to run tests written in a . NET language which test COM components, legacy DLLs, and managed C classes. You can, by extension, test unmanaged C classes via managed C test classes. Detailed help about legacy testing is available in HarnessIt's documentation.
- Language Independence
HarnessIt can run unit tests built in any . NET CLR compliant language.
- In-depth Documentation
In addition to documenting how HarnessIt works, HarnessIt's documentation includes numerous usage tips and testing tricks which tackle advanced testing scenarios.
- Samples with Substance
HarnessIt ships with several samples ranging in complexity from simple to advanced. These samples, available in C#, VB. NET, J# and Managed C , help you get started with HarnessIt in a matter of minutes -- not hours.
• . NET Framework 1. 0

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