INI files manager Alessandro Rosa

Alessandro Rosa

JS_Calendar Script 1.0

JS_Calendar script shows the calendar scheme of a given date, with weekdays.

Quaternion 1.0

It is compatible with any C version.

Anagrams Class 1.0

The class ins compatible with all PHP versions.

Anagrams 1.0

Class performing anagrams

Geometrical Assistant 1.0

Performs geometric transformations

INI file manager 1.0

This class parses INI file structure and performs read/write operations for storing user settings.

Tab Master 1.0

This class dynamically sets the TABINDEX property for a given sequence of controls.

FormValidator 1.0

checks automatically form data through rules based regular expressions

Web page size 1.0

Functions to compute page size

Number library of functions 1.0

functions extending the operations with numbers

OBJ position 1.0

Computes screen port coordinates of an object inside the web page

Countdown 1.0

Countdown with a set of additional features

FTPeasy 1.0

Handles multiple FTP connections for performing any FTP operation.

Mobius 1.0

Class handling complex Mobius transformation

dateclass 1.2

a PHP class performing date and time computation

JSdateclass 1.0

class performing several operations with dates

JScalendar 1.0

shows a calendar with weekdays

PHPcalendar 1.0

Displays a calendar and allow to record dates and appointments like an agenda

Calendar 1.0

Calendar script allows you to display a calendar of events on your website.

Palette Builder 1.0

Colors manipulation in several models