Image Expand & Display Vic Phillips

Vic Phillips

Search for Text 1.0

Tested with IE6 & Mozilla Firefox.

Color Gradient Messages 1.0

This script allows you to apply the effect of progressively change text or background color between two colors to a number of messages.

AddOn SubMenu 1.0

This script creates an add-on submenu to a main menu. The script can also provide mouseover effects and links to the Main Menu entries.

Simple Menus 1.0

This script creates a simple vertical menu with as many menu levels as required.

Basic Menus 1.0

This script generates a basic menu for horizontal or vertical applications with as meny menu levels as required.

Menu (Collapse Cascade) 1.0

This script generates a cascade menu that will collapse when anther topic is selected.

Page Navigator Script 1.0

This script creates a select list to navigate to page anchors or external URLs and can be located on the page to navigate or external pages navigating to an anchor of another page.
On selection the page is scrolled to the Anchor Y ...

Multi Layer Menu 1.0

Menu Topics constructed of DIV are layered on top of each other. The Menu Topics are defined in the HTML Code.
The initial condition is with one Topic is visible and all other Topics are hidden. Clicking an Item of the visible Topic ...

Pages Visited 1.0

This utility uses a cookie to allow visitors to track the pages they have visited. Links to visited pages are listed in a control panel.

Universal PopUp II 1.0

The 'Universal PopUp' may display an element defined in the HTML code.

Tab Message Panel 1.0

There may be as many applications as required on a page.

List Menu 1.0

- Persistence to retain the last display when a visitor revisits.

Basic Tab Menu 1.0

This script creates a basic tab menu with the menu defined in the HTML code and the appearance customised by CSS.

Menu Reveal Content 1.0

This JavaScript formats the menu and slides menu topics from bottom to top to reveal the topic content.
To allow the menu to degrade if JavaScript is disabled the menu is defined by HTML Code and the appearance defined by CSS.

X FrameSet Menu 1.0

This script contains functions for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Change Image Cell BackGround Color 1.0

This script allows you to change the background color of a TABLE cell where the cell contains an image.
Any number strings of a unique portion of an Image SRC are passed to a function which changes
the background color of all ...

Wipe Element Color 1.0

This script was designed to enhance the MouseOver/MouseOut appearance of elements.

Analogue Clock 1.0

This script displays or hides an Analogue Clock on an event call. It provides you with the option of a digital display.

Multiple Calendars 1.0

This script was designed to display a calendar for specified years and months with optional static or popup memo messages and links for specified dates.
The calendar format may be 'DD/MM/YYYY' or 'MM/DD/YYYY' and the calendar size is ...

Select Date 1.0

Select Date script allows your visitors to pick a certain date or time using dropdown boxes.