Inline ASM Damian Myerscough

Damian Myerscough

Text2Hex 1.0

This code snippet can be used to protect data, hide important values or URL masker.

File Manager 1.0

It tries to implement the file manager seen in C-Panel.

Get the Size of Mpegs and MP3's 1.0

It can read internal or external files.

Simple Mail System 1.0

Besides sending simple mails, they will be able to send file attachments as well with their message.

Code keyword highlight 1.0

Can be used with Perl, C, C++ and Delphi.

Login 1.0

It comes with a protection filter against SQL injections.

Terminal Sniffer 1.0

The user has to input into the script, the terminal he wants to surveil and what to log.

Get Server Header 1.0

For it to work, the user needs to input the server's location (address).

Bandwidth Monitor 1.0

It uses Apache to track the user on the website.

Easy Guestbook v1

The script also uses MySQL as a database to store comments.

Encryption in Blowfish 1.0

· If the encryption key is lost, so is the data.

Chart in Excel 1.0

It uses Win32::OLE to create and manipulate the chart graph.

MySQL Sign up Script 1.0

The script adds a MySQL username to the database and uses it to authenticate and perform queries.
Encryption methods used with the algorithm: Blowfish, RC4, khazad, Rijndael, MD5 and Crypt.