InstantKB.NET 2.0

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CreatedCreated : May 23, 2008
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InstantKB.NET is a poweful, flexible, affordable ...

InstantKB. NET is a poweful, flexible, affordable ASP. NET & SQL Server based knowledge_management_solution designed to help capture, organize, control & share all the knowledge important to you, your organization & custom.
Suitable for companies of any size InstantKb. NET 2. 0 provides instant centralized storage & access for all your company knowledge, support materials & documentation.
Instantly search across all your data including user submitted comments, tags & content attachments (Word, Excel, PDF & more). Categorize & tag your content to ensure easy discoverability. Encourage community around your content by rewarding users for helpful or insightful comments through customizable member levels & recognition points.
Security trimmed results ensure precise control over the content available to your risers & staff members. Detailed permission sets allow you to further control the features & options available to users As an administrator you can create & manage staff departments & permission sets to control the content, options & workflows available to your staff members.
The latest update introduces a number of innovative, unique features allowing you to further extend & customize the knowledge you want to capture. Accommodate for any unique type of content through custom tabs & our built-in forms designer. Quickly add new custom fields to existing forms to capture important meta data. Custom workflows can be applied to all your custom content providing approval & issue tracking control over your knowledge.
Incredible Flexibility - Create your own custom tabs to capture any unique knowledge
- Customize or create your own forms to collect data within tabs
- Apply custom workflows to articles or data within any custom tab
- Easily adaptable to track issues, defects or product features
Security & Control - Control the tabs, categories & content visible & accessible through member groups
- Use staff departments to control the workflows & editing options available to staff
- Create custom workflows to control content approval or track issues & defects
- Control features & editing options for both users & staff through permission sets
- Flexible member group security modal. Supports multiple staff & administrator groups
Powerful Search - Standard TSQL & SQL Server full-text (contains, freetext) support out the box
- Search attachments (Office, Text, HTML etc) with SQL Server 2005 & full-text enabled
- Search additional attachments content types such as PDF or CHM using extensible iFilters
- Ranked, security trimmed, AJAX enabled search results ensure quick, relevant results
- Optionally allow member groups to also search user submitted comments & tags
- Dynamic RSS feeds for all search results. Get notified when new content is available.
Knowledgebase Articles - Easily create, control, maintain & share knowledgebase articles
- Organize articles within a familiar windows explorer style AJAX enabled treeview
- Add any number of file attachments, content tags & related links to articles
- Allow eponymous & registered members to comment & rate articles
- Easily send articles by email, bookmark articles or share using social bookmarks
Troubleshooter Guides - Create an interactive series of articles to guide users through specific problems
- Effortlessly build your troubleshooter step structure through our AJAX enabled treeview
- All the features available within articles are also available for troubleshooter guides
Downloads - Organize & control access to your digital media or product downloads
- Password protect or restrict access to downloads through permission sets & member groups
- Store files directly within SQL for enhanced security checks - no direct URL to downloads
- All the features available within articles are also available for downloads
Glossary - Create & maintain a glossary of terms for common terminology used within your company
- Staff members can easily add, edit or delete entries from the glossary through the Staff CP
- AJAX enabled allowing users to navigate your entire glossary without a single postback
Tags - Tag any content within your knowledgebase helping improve discoverability
- Provide web 2. 0 tag clouds allowing users to quickly explore your content
- Easily remember & reuse common tags with auto-completing tag text boxes
- Dynamic RSS feeds are available for all tags. User can get notified when new content is available matching a specific tag
Attachments - Upload & associate file attachments to any content within InstantKB. NET
- Search Office, HTML & Text based attachments with SQL Server 2005 & full text enabled
- Define the allowed attachments within any tab & set storage limits using permissions
- Access can be controlled for each tab & member group using permission sets
- AJAX enabled file upload mechanism for staff members
Member Permissions & Groups - Permission sets allows you to control features for each member group within each tab
- Associate permission sets with entire member groups or individual members
- Associate multiple member groups with members to control the visible content
- Associate member groups with tabs, categories & content to control group access
Staff Permissions & Departments - Control the editing options available within the staff CP through staff permission sets
- Associate staff permissions with entire staff departments or individual staff members
- Allow separate teams or departments to work separately on there own content
- Associate workflows with staff departments to control access to available workflows
- Multiple staff member groups allow you to separate your staff into multiple member groups allowing you to further control the categories staff can modify and create content within
Member comments & Recognition System - Allow users to add comments to content, all completely configurable with permission sets
- Comments marked as helpful a specific number of times will be automatically highlighted
- Content that receives a specific number of comments will automatically be marked as hot
- As members contribute & rate other members comments recognition points are awarded
- Define the number of points awarded to members for specific actions within InstantKB. NET
- Member levels will increase based directly on the number of recognition points
Dynamic RSS Feeds - Live RSS feeds are available for all tabs, search results, comments & Tags
- Subscribe to search results or specific tags through RSS. Get notified within your RSS client when new content is published matching your search critiria or tag
- Staff members can subscribe to feeds to show content assigned to them (as it moves through workflow) or show content within a specific workflow step or status
Staff Control Panel - The dedicated Staff CP provides your knowledge experts complete control over content
- Manage content, categories, glossary terms, members & user submitted comments
- Administrators can use member groups, staff departments & permission sets to control the content, categories, workflows & editing options available to staff within the Staff CP
Administrator Control Panel - Manage every aspect of your knowledgebase through our comprehensivfe Admin CP
- Manage tabs, field templates, custom fields, member & staff permissions, workflows, views, members, member groups, staff departments, application settings & much more
- View reports for content within any tab by status workflow or staff member
Custom Tabs - Create your own custom knowledgebase, troubleshooter or download tab
- Control which tabs are visible & accessible to specific member groups
- Define custom content types (bugs, features, issues, work-items etc) within tabs.
- Apply custom workflows to data within tabs to control the flow of articles or issues
- Customize existing forms or design your own form with unique fields to capture & share unique data within any tab
Field Templates - Field templates allow you to customize & or create forms for use within InstantKB. NET
- Customize the default field templates to show only the fields important to you
- Add custom fields to default field templates to capture unique data
- Build your own field templates with custom fields for capturing defect, issues & workitems
- Easily rearrange & group fields, hide fields, set default values, enforce fields etc
- Create multiple forms for use at specific workflow steps - capture approval feedback etc
Custom Fields - Start capturing any unique data within minutes using custom fields
- 14 different field types ensures you can capture & display any custom data
- Custom fields can be added to any tab you create within InstantKB. NET
- Easily create multiple select fields (radiobuttonlists, checkboxlists, selectboxes etc)
- Create required fields to ensure specific meta data is always provided
- Define optional regular expression validation for textbox fields
Custom Workflows - Build powerful custom workflows to control content approval or track issues & workitems
- Create custom workflows for working with content within any tab
- Create multiple workflows & control access to specific workflows through staff departments
- Define edit permissions, automatic change actions & notifications for each workflow step
- Apply automatic change actions to any field when content is moved to a workflow step
- Customize the available fields when working with data at any specific workflow step
- Control the next available workflow steps & optionally enforce or disable workflow
Custom Data Views - Customize the default fields within the various datagrids used within InstantKB. NET
- Customize the fields & metadata displayed alongside content through permission sets
- Display custom fields within any datagrid or alongside content within InstantKB. NET
- Customize the default sort column, order and records displayed per page for any datagrid
Search Engine Friendly, Guessable URLs - Support for basic & search engine friendly virtual URL rewriting.
- Include content titles within URL's to help improve search engine ranking
- Intuitive, guessable URL structure
AJAX Enabled User Interface - AJAX based interface reducing client postbacks
- Lighting quick AJAX based treeview control supporting thousands of categories
- AJAX enabled datagrids allow you to page & sort data without the need for postbacks
- Developed inline & takes advantage of the Microsoft ASP. NET AJAX Extensions 1. 0
Standards & Accessability Compliant - Strict XHTML 1. 1 W3C validated semantic markup
- CSS 2. 1 W3C validated style sheets
- Web 2. 0 fluid CSS based layout - no nested tables, screen reader friendly
- Confirms to W3C web accessability guidelines 1. 0 & section 508 guidelines
Cross Browser Compatible - Tested with Internet Explorer 6 , FireFox 2 , Opera 9
- There are known layout issues with IE8 beta & Safari 3. 1 which are working to address
Multi-Lingual - Localize every aspect of InstantKB. NET (UI, Email Templates, Dictionary)
- Drag & Drop Language Packs (automatically detected, no configuration required)
- Easily change any text displayed within InstantKB. NET through a single XML file
Skinning & Template Driven - Portable skinning model
- Each skin can have a completely unique layout and visual appearance
- Drag and Drop Skins (automatically detected, no configuration required)
- Allow users to choose between skins or set a default blobal skin
- Each skin provides a standard ASP. NET 2. 0 masterpage allowing quick design integration
High Performance - Designed from the ground-up for massive performance & scalability
- Customizable data caching (greatly reducing database trips)
- Parameterized stored procedures, Well designed tables, optimized indexes & fk constraints
- Strongly typed data objects & data collections (No heavy, slow System. Data. DataSet)
- High perofmance paging algorithm supporting hundreds of thousands of pages
- Email queuing system, emails are queued and polled in the background at set intervals
- 100% compiled, managed . NET assemblies (No COM or other dependences)
- AJAX enabled UI ensuring data is loaded on demand helping reducing client postbacks
Highly Scalable - Unique SQL Server based state management (no session or application objects)
- Well defined architecture (separate presentation, application & data layers)
- Takes advantage of data caching & AJAX to minimize database requests
Well Designed - Object Orientated VB. NET code, strongly typed objects & collections
- Takes advantage of many familar ASP. NET techniques (forms authentication, masterpages)
- Implements many design patterns (singleton objects, data factory, facade objects)
- Takes advantage of our InstantASP. Common base libraries
- Enhanced error handling, receive emails for errors or log exceptions to a file or event log
Developer Friendly - Integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio. NET 2005 or 2008 (solution file provided)
- Supports SQL Server 2000 pr 2005 (and express editions)
- Intuitive API with intellisense support within Microsoft® Visual Studio. NET
- Fully commented, clean, eloquent code using many familar design patterns
- Unique naming convention used for database stored procedures & tables reducing conflicts
- Full product source code provided with Developer Licenses

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