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JSFUnit 1.2.0.Final

The user also has access to parsed HTML output of each client request.

JGroups 2.10.0.GA

t is based on IP multicast, but can be extended into any network protocol.

Gravel 1.0.2

Gravel is a set of component libraries which provide clean and simple components for JSF applications.
- ga - This set of tags provide a set of action-related components. The tags support various response-time actions, security ...

DavCache 1.0 beta 3

The Webapp, WebDAV, provides a filesystem-like interface so it can be accessed using any WebDAV-capable client, including the likes of Windows Explorer.
DavCache helps the user with a simple distributed filesystem, just to drag and drop a ...

Shotoku 1.0 alpha3

Most important functions of Shotoku:

JBoss Retro 1.1.2

It uses the Javassist byte code editing library to modify existing byte code.

Kosmos 0.2.0 Release Candidate 2

It retrieves data in real-time providing an instant state of the project.

Wise 1.1

Most important functions of Wise:

Javassist 3.11.0 GA

Unlike other similar systems, Javassist provides source-level abstraction.

XNIO 2.1.0.CR1

Most important functions of XNIO:

Byteman 1.3.0

It uses a technique called fault injection.

Tattletale 1.1.0.Final

The main HTML file is: index.html.

Drools 5.0


The Netty Project 3.2.1

It simplifies and streamlines network programming such as TCP and UDP socket server.

JBoss Serialization 1.0.3 GA

JBossSerialization's main feature besides performance, is smart cloning.

Teiid 7.0 / 7.1 Alpha2

Most important functions of Teiid:

RESTEasy 2.0.0.GA

It can run in any Servlet container.

JBoss Microcontainer 1.0.2

Most important functions of JBoss Microcontainer:

jBPM 4.4

Processes represent an execution flow.

JBoss Remoting 2.5.2.SP3 / 3.1.0.Beta2

There are two generations of Remoting in active use.