Javascript color chooser Alf Magne Kalleland (

Alf Magne Kalleland (

Image crop GUI 1.1

A DHTML image crop script

Ajax Tooltip 1.1

Tooltip script where content is retrieved by Ajax from external files

DHTML Menu for applications 1.0

A menu script for web applications

Slide out menu 1.1

A search engine friendly list based slide out menu

DHTML week planner 1.2

Drag and drop DHTML week planner

Dragable RSS boxes 1.1

Show RSS feeds inside dragable boxes

Slide out Help panel 

A panel slides out from the left or top when you press F1

Win XP style tabs 1.01

Win XP style tabs

Dragable web content script 1.1

This script gives you an easy way to make elements on your page dragable.

Drag and drop - quiz script 1.1

Drag and drop boxes to the correct column

Chess blindfold trainer 1.1

Improve your chess blindfold skills