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Comments/Review 1.0

- Users/Guest both can submit comments/reviews

KB Ratings 1.0

- Users/Guest both can vote

KB Pull Down Menu 1.0

- Easy to implement script

KB Messages PHP Script 1.0

- Displays Message in Page Format

Theme Chooser 2 Changer 1.0

- User can choose a theme according to his choice on the run.

Login/Authentication 1.0

- Easy to implement script

Download Tracker Counter 1.0

- Selects file name directly from Database

KB Counter 1.0

KB Counter is a text based counter, that counts the page visits of the whole site.

KB Poll 1.0

With this script users/guests on your website can vote for a Poll.

KB News 1.0

Main Features:

Picture Gallery PHP Script 1.0

- Add and Remove Pictures Easily

Forgot Password 1.0

- Mails password to the Email that already exists in Database

KB Captcha 1.0

This script is based on the Question and Answer pattern.

Block Words 1.0

- Easily add and remove keywords

Upcoming Birthday 1.0

- Easy to implement script

Feedback/Suggestions Comments 1.0

- Easy to implement script

Invite Friends 1.0

Invite Friends script adds to your site an invitation form from where users can invite their friends by filing the form.
This PHP script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs. It provides compatibility with all ...