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NameDay PostNuke Module 1.4

Nameday module based on standard Postnuke module NS-Ephemerids but it has been fully re-written for pnAPI and pnMDG compliance.
As examples of added functionality - improved admin interface, multi-languages, and ability to add content ...

EW FileManager 1.0

Module designed to manage file and directories inside directory given by site admin. This is FTP-like module.
You can create directories, upload, edit and delete files through module interface. If you have co-admins or sub-admins on your ...

EZComments postnuke 1.0

With EZComments, you can attach comments to every other modules supporting hooks

PostJump 1.0

PostJump supports both PHP and JavaScript redirects. The default is PHP.

EbayList Module 1.0

Should be 100% pnAPI compliant (tested on 0.726 Phoenix)

DB_phpBB2 0.904

Adaptation from phpBB2 2.0.3 to Postnuke module

PHProfession for Post Nuke 1.5

This is a phprofessional recruitment module for post nuke.

Daily Archive Postnuke module 1.0.1

Daily Archive module is designed to work with Postnuke's News module's tables and represent it's content in calendar fashion.
Module can be useful for sites with big amount of stories such as newspapers, magazines etc. Its great News ...

NukeCards for PHP Nuke 6.5

This is a virtual postcard program writtin in PHP using MySQL database, for PHP-Nuke powered Sites.

NewLife Blogger 1.0

NewLife Blogger is a Multi-User blogging system, similar to livejournal.

Flash Intro Creator 1.0

It is easy to install - just drop the unzipped folder into your modules directory.

pnFlashGames 1.0

With pnFlashGames you can add flash and java games to your PostNuke or MD-Pro site. We now have over 100 highscore enabled games available, and more every day.
The games keep highscores in your PostNuke database so your users can compete ...

PostPal Membership 1.0

PostPal Membership will allow you to charge your customers for special access to your site by using PayPal's subscription service.
You determine what they access through group permissions. Has been successfully tested on PostNuke .713 ...

BOOKS module for PostNuke 0.61

Integrate books recommendations into your PostNuke'd Site.

Open Realty for PostNuke 71c 1.0

Realty / Rental listings for PostNuke 71c.

XForum Module 1.81

XForum is a Bulletin Board Module for PostNuke, PhpNuke and xoops CMS

Online Self Assessment Tool 1.0

Add a flexible questionnaire system into your PostNuke website. (also works without PostNuke).
This tool offers several different types of questions, limitless capacity for questions, and secure administration.
All of the hard work ...

PNConcert 0.4

An easy to use, quick to install, fast PostNuke modules to provide a Live Concert calendar and information manager.
You can store and show concert date, place, contact information, associated URLs, email and more. Fully API compliant and ...

Magnish Realty 2.0

Magnish Realty is your module to manage you online listings.

AutoTheme for PostNuke 1.0

Create themes in HTML using your favorite editor, with no use of PHP. Full administration interface. Unlimited block positions (AutoBlocks).
Customize every part of your PostNuke site. Configure which blocks display and where, for each ...