Latvia (LV) Postcode Distance Calculator Milldo Web Solutions

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UK Post codes - distance locator 1.0

Calculate distances between 2 UK postcodes within Great Britain territory.

France postcodes - distance locator 1.0

Calculate distance between any postcodes in France

Calculate distance between US zip codes 1.0

Full US zip code SQL dabase with PHP and SQL scripts.

Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL contact grabber 1.0

Grab Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL address book contents.

Milldo Contact Grabber 1.0

This tool is using PHP and acts like a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Gmail contact (address) book grabber / importer.
Your server must support PHP CURL library with openSSL. You will need CURL for PHP to get access to https pages, if your PHP ...

Latvian Name Day Calendar 1.0

Latvian Name Day Calendar