List Pages Plus Skullbit


Useful 404 1.5

It can also send e-mail notifications of bad links.

Donate Plus 1.2

The donation button can be embedded via the [donateplus] shortcode while editing pages.

Register Plus 3.5.1

The plugin also features invitation codes for user registration.

Lock Out 1.1

A custom made HTML page can be used as a placeholder page during lock out.

Admin Menu Management 1.1

This can be used to hide features under certain setups.

WP From Email 1.1

It also allows setting a custom sender name.

Minty Fresh 1.3

The application can be displayed in an iframe or open in a new window.

Stealth Login 1.2

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Linked 1.0

Each of the options can be enabled or disabled individually.