Lock Your Pages Halfdata


IP Traffic Splitter 

Split your traffic between different websites depending on visitors IP-address

IP Blocker Script 

Block access to your website for defined IP-addresses with IP Blocker

Simple URL Shortener 

Start your own TinyURL website with URL Shortener script.

Simple PayPal Donation 1.0

Add PayPal donation box on your website

eBook Store Script 

Using eBook Store script you can easily launch your own eBook shop.

Simple Script Store 1.0

Script shop - sell your scripts online

Moneybookers IPN Handler Demo 

Exploring of this file is a good way to learn how Moneybookers instant payment notification works.

Share Bar Script 

Share Bar Script allows you to add share feature to your website.

New Tell A Friend Script 1.0

Add Tell A Friend feature to your website

Email Extractor Script 

Using Email Extractor script you can easily launch your own automatic email extractor service.

Star Rating Script 1.0

Star Rating Script allows you to add rating feature to your website.

Simple Photo Store 

Start your own business in internet using Simple Photo Store script

Simple File Hosting Script 

Simple File Hosting script allows you to launch your own file hosting website

Contact Us Script 

Allow your visitors to send messages to you.

Advertisement System Script 

Advertisement System Script allows you to add advertisement feature to your website

Advertisement Column Script 

Advertisement Column Script allows you to add advertisement feature to your website

Comment everything 

Allow your visitors to leave their comments about whatever you want (articles, pictures, notes, pages, etc)

Online password storage 2.0

Secure online password storage service

Website Monitoring System 

Using Website Monitoring System script you can easily launch your own automatic website monitoring service which helps your visitor to see when their websites are down.

Traffic Lottery Script 

Your visitors just need to submit their web page's url and get a chance to win all the traffic to their website for the day.