Matlab remindme Matt Fig

Matt Fig

txthide 1.0

The encryption key used can be from 2 to 900 characters.

imsubtract 1.0

The script needs two input images to extract them one from each other.


The basic formula that stands behind the graphs equations is:

rppd 1.0

This is the syntax for this tool RPPD(sidelength,centerloc,facecolor,edgecolor,alpha)


This type of sampling is an ordered sample with replacement.


PARTITIONS(N,K) returns only the partitions of length K.


Permutations with repetition / replacement

fseriedemo 1.0

· MATLAB 6.5.1 or higher

Gauss3D 1.0

Function inputs need not accept vector args. Written with version 7.01.

gaussquad 1.0

If f is an inline function, it need not accept vector args. Fast.

rombquad 1.0

Example: >>f=inline('x^2')

gaussleg 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R13SP1


For an array A and a vector B, the function replicates each one's of A's elements by B.

Next Combination/Permutation 1.0

Both of those combinations/permutations can be with or without repetition.

h_trid 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R13SP1

f_approxv 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R13SP1

Newtzero 1.0

Newtzero con be used to find complex roots which can't be handled by FZERO.

Collatz 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R13SP1

intmat 1.0

INTMAT(m,n,maxx) returns a matrix of random integers from 0 to maxx.