Max Entry

Link Delay Image 1.0

After your visitors click a link, by using this script, you can make the browser delay as many seconds as you want before they are actually sent to that page.

Random Page 1.0

Random Page script allows you to send your visitors to a random destination.

Day of Week Redirection 1.0

If you would like to redirect your visitor to a different page for each day of the week, this script would be perfect. It will first detect what day of the week it is and then forward the visitor to the appropriate page.

Link Random Generator 1.0

This random link generator randomly selects a URL from a pre-determined list and sends the user there.

Day of Month Redirection 1.0

This script will detect what day of the month it is (1 31) and sends the user to [day of month].html (i.e. 1.html, 2.html, etc.)

Pulldown Menu (Automatic in Frames) 1.0

This script allows you to open a link from a pull down menu in a different frame of the page.

Link Of The Day 1.0

This code changes a link daily

Body Calculator 1.0

This script uses some very ingenious JavaScripting techniques: it analyzses a person information (sex, height, weight) and responds with a comment message.

New Window 1.0

This script allows your visitors to open the current page or other link in a new window.

Load Two Frames 1.0

This script opens two different pages into two separate pages when the user clicks on one link! The frameset code can even be customized to fit with your site's design.

Directional Buttons 1.0

This script contains 6 lines of HTML that give you back and forward buttons.

Window Sizer 1.0

This is a JavaScript that shows you different window dimensions. It helps you to customize your web pages with the dimensions that best compliment your web site.

Window Position 1.0

Do you not like where opens your new windows? Using this JavaScript, you can actually have the new window open wherever you want!

Up & Down Box 1.0

Useful if you would like to allow the user to quickly modify a value in your form.

Textarea Alert 1.0

Use JavaScript to alert your user with the contents of a textarea! This script also serves little purpose in the real world, but nonetheless is a great example of JavaScript.

E-Mail Buttons 1.0

You can also include a predefined subject if you so decide.

Color Table 1.0

This JavaScript helps you manipulate the background color of the document.

Enlarge Image 1.0

Enlarge Image javascript allows your user to double-click an image to enlarge it.

List Changer 1.0

The script demonstrates also the implementation of a simple menu.

Link Colors 1.0

Link Colors javascript allows your visitors to change the page background using links.