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Trigonometry Ratios 1.0

This script displays the trigonometric ratios for angles up to 360 degrees.

Random Numbers 1.0

Random Numbers javascript is usefull when you want to generate random numbers.

Energy To Work 1.0

This JavaScript helps you to find energy equivalents for various measurement units.

Chemistry Calculator 1.0

Using basic theory and this calculator, you can quickly find the answers to your chemistry stoichiometry equations.

All Lower Case 1.0

This script converts the text to all lowercase letters as soon as focus is removed from the textbox or the submit button is clicked.
Source code:

JavaScript Quiz 1.0

This script provides you a simple quiz which gives the reasoning for each answering.

User Quiz 1.0

If you'd like to present your visitors with a JavaScript quiz, this script would be perfect. It administers and scores the test, and even catches the user if they try to cheat! You are allowed to add new levels of difficulty.

Basic JavaScript Quiz 1.0

This script helps you to create quizzes for tutorials, online classes, or other subjects.

Dynamic Frameset 1.0

Rather than setup separate framesets each time you want to start over and open one of your page inside your frames, you could use this dynamic frameset script.
You can load all your content pages as necessary through one page -- the ...

Browser Properties 1.0

Browser Properties javascript provides more information about the web browser than you knew existed!
It finds out the code name, color depth, pface="Helvetis enabled, resolution, ip address, hostname, and more.

Frame Navigation 1.0

This script allows you to change the location of a frame only by a click of a button.

Dynamic Links 1.0

This script allows you to dynamically change the link address for a hyperlink based on an entry in a pulldown menu.

Determine Window Size 1.0

The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.

Customized Popup 1.0

This script allows your visitors to have a popup page on your site appear exactly as they want! They can customize the width, height, and placement of a popup window on your site before the window is opened.

Screen Details 1.0

Use this script to show visitors several interesting details about their screen - the screen width, screen height, and screen resolution of their browser window!!
You might use this script to suggest that your visitors expand their ...

Close Window 1.0

If you have JavaScript open a new window, this script allows you to close it after a certain number of seconds of being open.
Just enter in the time in milliseconds (i.e. 5000 = 5 secs) and it your window will close after the appropriate ...

True Color Darkening and Lightening 1.0

The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.

Basketball Scoreboard 1.0

Basketball Scoreboard is a JavaScript version of the scoreboard in a basketball game

Crab Race 1.0

Crab Race is a fixed-odds gambling game.

Button Mania 1.0

Button Mania javascript is a simple "set all buttons to 0" game.