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Bomb Sweeper 1.0

Bomb Sweeper is a Javascript version of the old favorite Windows Minesweeper game. Search for mines in a grid, assisted by numeric hints, skill, and a smidgeon of good luck.Bomb Sweeper Rules
- Uncover tiles by clicking on them ...

Maze 1.0

Navigate around a 3D JavaScript maze in search of the exit in the fewest moves possible

Memory Cells 1.0

This script allows you to save values from a text field off to the side to free up a form for another calculation.

Trim Leading Spaces 1.0

This is an easy script which eliminates any extra leading spaces entered inside a textbox.

Selection Order 1.0

This script adjusts the order of the items in a selection box and submit them in that order.

Check One Checkbox/Radio Button 1.0

This script checks that one checkbox or radio button from a group is checked.

Day Menu 1.0

This script allows your visitors to select a day from the current month.

Replace Characters 1.0

This script replaces a character or multiple characters in a textbox when the visitor goes to the next field.

Locked Textbox 1.0

Prevent your visitors from modifying the value stored in a textbox (without using input type=hidden)
Just try to change the text in the box! Amazingly, it's a short less than one line script!

Email Address Validation 1.0

This is an e-mail address validation script. It allows the usual user@domain syntax, but in addition allows user@[ip] format as well as "User with Spaces"@domain or [ip], all of which are legal syntax, according to W3C.
It also checks ...

Items List 1.0

When you are finished, click 'Show List' to see the entries.

Submit Once 1.0

This script forces a user to do a single form submission

Check All 1.0

Dynamically checks and unchecks all the checkboxes in a form when a button is clicked

Sentence Caps 1.0

This Javascript converts a form field entries to sentence caps.

Rank Them 1.0

This script allows you to create a survey asking people to rank things, and this script will validate that everything is ranked, and no rankings are repeated.It could be adapted into a puzzle or game.

Add and Remove Elements 1.0

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers Javascript enabled.

Sort Data Table 1.0

Sort Data Table script provides you options to dynamically sort data contained in a table.

Validation (Num. or Chars) 1.0

If you enter a number or a letter everything you can continue on

No HTML 1.0

You can use this JavaScript to ensure that visitors do not type in HTML entries.

Time Out 1.0

This script limits the time allowed for a user to input text in a form field.