Max Entry

Select Validation 1.0

Use JavaScript to ensure that visitors choose both a radio button and a checkbox

Buzzwords 1.0

Visitors can create custom and unique "buzz" phrases using JavaScript.

Only One Field 1.0

The visitor must fill in either one of two fields, their name or email address. If they click in either box the other box's value is erased.
Ensures that when the form is submitted only one field contains a value. Also contains validation ...

Check Entry 1.0

The visitor is informed that the field can not have spaces.

Alert Button 1.0

The button can have different words on it and the message can also be customized.

HTML Preview 1.0

HTML Preview script allows you to preview the HTML source code in a new window.

Trim Trailing Spaces 1.0

A super-easy script which eliminates any extra trailcript whis entered inside a textbox.

Validation 1.0

This Javascript helps you receive feedback from your visitors.

Checkbox Changer 1.0

It can even change each checkbox to the opposite checked or not checked value.

Guestbook Validation 1.0

This script ensures that all elements of a guestbook are properly filled out before mailing.

No Entry 1.0

You can use this JavaScript to ensure that visitors do not leave a form entry blank. If they do, they are prompted to complete it before they can continue.

Validation (Selection) 1.0

You could use this JavaScript to ensure that visitors choose both a radio button and a checkbox. Invalid submissions are cancelled.

Select and Auto Copy 1.0

With this script you can highlight and copy text in a textarea box with the click of a button.

Line Wrapper 1.0

Line Wrapper script wraps entries in a textarea box to a specified number of characters per line you want.For example, the script can automatically insert a return after each 50 spaces, so that the form contents you receive are more readable. ...

Smut Engine 1.0

It can eliminate dirty words or competitors names.

Suggestions 1.0

You can use this JavaScript to allow visitors to send a feedback.

Passing Values 1.0

This script presents you a way of 'unwrapping' the contents of a form when passed from one page to the next.
This capability would be useful in many situations, such as passing the contents of a form to another page, retaining information ...

Customized Window 1.0

Use JavaScript to allow visitors to open a customized window

Field Explanation 1.0

This script opens an explanation window to explain the various fields used in a form on your site when the help link is clicked.
You can easily explain various form fields will be used on your site, what type of input is required, or any ...

Undo-Redo 1.0

This script gives your users the option of changing their entries in your textareas.