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Bubble Sort 1.0

Bubble Sort javascript sorts arrays using the bubbleSort method

Circle Solver 1.0

Can't remember the formulas for the other two parts of a circle (area, diameter, or circumference) when you only know one?
To the rescue is Circle Solver. Enter the circle area, diameter, or circumference ane is Circ solve for the other two!

Compound Interest 1.0

Compound Interest uses JavaScript to calculate compound interest.

Common Factors Calculator 1.0

Common Factors Calculator allows you to determine the two numbers common factors.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator 1.0

Credit Card Payoff Calculator calculates the monthly payment or number of months to pay off a credit card debt using the remaining balance and interest rate.

Acceleration 1.0

Acceleration javascript can help you find acceleration equivalents.

Adjusted Cost Base 1.0

When a sale is entered, the capital gain (or loss) is calculated.

Phone Bill 1.0

With this script, all you have to do is enter the amount per minute, and any initial amount, then click start when the call begins and see the total charge at any time!

Cosine Calculator 1.0

Cosine Calculator allows you to enter the adjacent and hypotenuse angle values.This javascript will solve the cosine angle for you.

Pythagorean Theorem 1.0

One of geometry's most useful formulas, the Pythagorean Theorem, can be applied to the numbers you enter in JavaScript! Just enter 'A' and 'B' and the script solves for 'C.'

Tangent Calculator 1.0

Tangent Calculator allows you to enter the opposite and adjacent angle values and to solve the tangent angle for you.

Sine Calculator 1.0

Sine Calculator allows you to enter the opposite and hypotenuse angle values and then will solve the sine angle for you.

Atmosphere Calculator 1.0

This JavaScript can help you perform atmospheric computations.

Area Math Related 1.0

This JavaScript can help you find area equivalents.

Streaming Horizontal Banner 1.0

Each banner can also include a URL. The size can be set in the script file.

URL validation snippet 1.0

You could also add a supplementary validation algorithm to increase function efficiency.

Gatekeeper 1.0

Gatekeeper is a password protection system for your website.

Password Verifier 1.0

They get an error message telling them to re-enter the passwords if they do not match.

Url Decode Encode 1.0

Use this script to encode/decode URL parameters.

History Length 1.0

It is surprising to know that a web page can actually know how many pages you have been to this browser session. That is exactly what this script does.