Max Entry

Shake Screen 1.0

This JavaScript code will actually shake your browser window by using the moveBy() function, somewhat like a web browser earthquake.

State Trivia 1.0

Displays trivia facts about any of the 50 states when selected from the pulldown menu. Facts include state capital, date admitted into the union, state flower, and state bird. The script could be modified to display details about products you ...

Train Schedule 1.0

Because of possible carries to the hours time is shown in military format

Tournament 1.0

If they won, they advance to the next level.

Auction Watcher & Refresher 1.0

You could use this script to have your favorite online auction items auto-refresh at your specified interval or whenever you want.

Confirmable Order Form 1.0

This JavaScript can take the contents of an HTML order form, process them, and display the order for verification even including the grand total! When the user confirms the order by clicking the button, the order is emailed to you by using ...

Country Chooser 1.0

If you'd like to know where visitors to your site live, add this to your feedback forms

Mailing List Form 1.0

This JavaScript helps visitors to sign up for your mailing list. JavaScript ensures that the visitors have filled out the form completely and correctly. Visitors are also prompted to reenter any incomplete or invalid entries.

Mail - Pick Subject 1.0

You can use this JavaScript to help organize your visitor e-mail. Visitors pick from several predetermined subjects the most appropriate subject for their e-mail.
Visitors are also prompted to reenter information for incomplete or ...

Text Limit 1.0

This script will only allow a set number of characters to be entered into a text field and then focus on the next element.
The script is very easy to implement in your own applications. It can also be rapidly customized to suit your ...

Hard Drive Browser 1.0

This script provides quick access to your entire hard drive, including A, B, C, D, and E drives (the ones you have, at least).