Micro Menu System PhpToys


Php Database Wizard snippet 1.0

It automatically generates advanced search panel and form validation too

Micro Joomla Weather 1.0

This simple Joomla module displays the actual weather information for the given city.

Micro Image Pack 1.2

Resize, drop shadow, add border to image

Array Handler 1.0

This script can convert array to a string separated by special characters and vice versa.

Micro Trace 0.1

This script helps you to include trace messages into your PHP code.

Micro Whois 1.1

This whois scripts gives you an attractive interface to check domain informations.

Micro File Browser 1.0

Browse your files via this script

Micro File Creator 1.0

Micro File Creator writes plain text into a file on your webserver.

Php Syntax Highlighter 0.11

This small script convert your php code into a syntax colored html text.

Micro Cache 1.0

icro Cache is a small, simple and very easy to use cache framework.

Micro CountDown 1.0

A PHP script which countdown to any date you defines.

Micro Login System - File based 1.0

Micro Login System is a simple PHP based user login system.

Micro Protector 1.0

Protect your pages with password

Micro Password 0.1

Micro Password generates password with various length and strength.

Micro Logger 0.1

This script logs your website visitor informations like IP, browser, referrer into a file.

Micro Meta Spider 1.0

Micro Meta Spider is a small script to extract META data informations from the given URL.

Micro Polling System 1.0

Simple file based PHP polling script.

Creating a simple file based polling script 1.0

Creating a simple file based polling script

Micro News 1.0

A small and simple PHP news script with WYSIWYG editor.

Micro Photo Gallery 1.0

Small and simple image gallery with very easy installation.