Minimum Phase IIR Filter from Attenuation Data Duane Hanselman

Duane Hanselman

All Common Statistics 1.0

If DIM is [] or not given, DIM is the first non-singleton dimension of X.

RMS for Arrays of any Dimension 1.0

For vectors, RMS(X) is the root mean square value of the elements in X.

Fourier Series Tools 1.0

The created Fourier Series function has the following features:

Minimum Phase Filter from Attenuation Data 1.0

MINPHASEFIT Minimum Phase Transfer Function Fit from Attenuation Data.

Linear Least Squares with Equality Constraints 1.0

LSEQUAL Linear Least Squares with Equality Constraints.

Gradient for Triangulated Data 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R2006a

Local Maxima and/or Minimal 1.0

LOCALMAXMIN(Y) Local Maxima and Minima.

Inverse 1D Interpolation 1.0

INVINTERP1 1-D Inverse Interpolation.

Polynomial Fitting with Added Constraints 1.0

Fit Polynomial to Data with Constraints. (MM)

2D Line Integral 1.0

LINEINTRGAL Line Integral in a 2D Vector Field.

A Better Gradient 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R14SP2

ABCDRESP State Space Time Response 1.0

ABCDRESP Time Response of a Linear State Space System.

INTERPTRI Interpolate Triangulation 1.0

[Xii,Yii] = MESHGRID(Xi,Yi);

Nonmonotonic Path Interpolation 1.0

Type is an optional string that determines the interpolation type.


A and B must be the same size or one can be a scalar.

Piecewise Polynomial Functions 1.0

Tag is an optional character string to store with PPfun for identification purposes.