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AjaxChat Live Users Module 1.0

The mod_liveusers functionality includes:

Search Engine Development 1.0

The FWD Search Engine was designed to provide our clients websites with the power of large search giants like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc.
The products comes not only with internet search but also with an array of features from news search and ...

Geshibot 1.0.1b

Why Use Geshibot

AjaxChat Shout Outs Module 1.0

Ajaxchat Shout Outs is a Beta ShoutBox Module for AjaxChat allows you to display a ShoutBox for your site visitors/members to post messages. The messages and "Shout Room" are editable in the AjaxChat admin panel.
The Shout Outs module is ...

Google Adsense Module 1.0.1b3

How to install a mambo, joomla module. (example: mod_html)

Cpanel Email for Mambo 1.0

Cpanel Email for Mambo is an ongoing Open Source Project to develop a WebMail System for Mambo based on the Exim MTA used by CPanel. The project uses the IMAP and POP3 protocols to retrieve and send email.
Registration of email addresses ...

Joomla Tag Component 0.1

Joomla Tag Component allows users to tag articles on your Joomla website.

Joomla Ajax Chat 1.1

Joomla AjaxChat Component is a fully browser based, multiuser, chat system for Joomla.

Mambo Ajax Chat 1.0

A browser based Chat Component for Mambo written in js.