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Stable, highly customizable auto classifieds software ...

Stable, highly customizable auto classifieds software on mysql backend.
mojoauto by TELA IT INC. is a powerful vehicle classifieds software program written in PERL on MySQL database backend that allows you to run your own free or commercial automobile classified ads service or just manage your dealer's ads and listings on your website in an effective and organised way.
Since 2001 MojoScripts auto classifieds software has been continuously upgraded and enhanced with more and more user requested features. Today, our car classifieds software is used on hundreds of websites and is one of the feature-richest and most stable targeted vehicle classified ads programs available.
It is industry standard for automobile classifieds and ad listings websites and can be customized to almost any functionality you need, be it ad management of your automobiles, vehicles, vans, motorcycles, yachts or run your own commercial online automobile classified ads service where you charge for ads or memberships.
MojoAuto 2.0 can be setup to run as a free service offered to your users, you can charge simply for posting ads, create a whole membership system with different access levels and recurring subscriptions or all of this together. You can create unlimited free/trial/lite/premium/gold/etc memberships which carry unique levels of access and/or simply charge on a per-ad basis as your local newspaper does.
The choice is yours. It is an extremely flexible program and can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements and dramatically increase your traffic and revenue.
MojoAuto [mojoauto2.0.exe] carries tons of features and tweaks that help you design your own, unique vehicle classifieds service or just manage your ads and listings on your website with this highly customizable and versatile script. This car classifieds script is fully template driven and highly customizable to create the look and feel of your very own automobile classified ads service and to match your existing website theme.
Most of the dynamic content and outgoing emails is transported into customizable template files which you can easily edit from the web-based admin interface as well as all database fields and field attributes to create your own unique car classifieds solution. No CGI scripting or MySQL knowledge required!
Key Benefits
- Customizable
- Versatility
- Stability
- Free Installation
- Free Upgrades
- 24 Hour Support Response
MojoAuto - 0MB is a program with all features and tweaks of expensive, high-end automobile classified ads scripts or even custom programmed solutions, that enables you to operate your own unique vehicle classified ads system or just manage your dealer's ads and listings on your website in an effective and organised way. Let's break these features into sections for your easy viewing, every section leads to a detailed feature list.

Web Server Support
Portability to both Unix and Windows NT/2000 web servers (including PC-based Unix variants such as Linux and FreeBSD). Our software is working on Unix and Windows servers successfully since 2001.
Installation and Configuration
Simple, web-based 3-step installation process, no manual file editing needed and you can do all configurations online anywhere in the world via the web-based admin area.
Scalability And Stability
Scalable to one million ads or more (one category can hold 100, 000 ads or more, depending on your web server environment, processor speed, memory, diskspace etc. ). You can create virtually unlimited categories and subcategories from the web-based admin panel. Now supports mod_perl's Apache::Registry for highly increased productivity. Our classifieds software is in use on hundreds of domains since 2001. Profit from our experience and determination in creating the number one web-based classified ads software on the internet.
Layout Customization
Virtually any section of the system is customizable according to your needs by editing HTML templates, email templates and message text templates from the web-based admin area interface or your favourite HTML or text editor. Supports CSS to apply your own layout ideas quickly. No scripting knowledge and cgi editing required. This enables even beginners and newbies to create the desired look and feel of their own unique classifieds service. Advanced users can literally turn the whole system upside down, check our demos and showcase for ideas on the customizability and versatility of our software. Our software is distributed with over 125 HTML templates, 25 email templates and 2 language text files, making this massive application the most detailed of its kind.
Database Customization
Using our software you have full database field control. All listing and user database fields, values and attributes are customizable easily through the web-based admin area interface. No scripting or MySQL knowledge required. You can edit all existing fields according to your needs, for example, you don't need a "doors" field, just change it to "hydraulic function" or whatever. Also you can additionally define 10 custom database fields fully according to your system requirements. Why keep default database fields if you don't want to? For example you can easily changes US states to your country states, for example, by just copy and pasting your states over through the web interface.
Account Types, Unlimited Access Levels
You can setup a conventional classified ads service like your local newspaper and charge for example per ad, multiple ads, different multimedia allowances like images, audio and video files, per private message sent, charge different amounts for 200 character messages, 500 character messages and and other combinations or you can create a unique membership services with guest and free accounts, silver, gold, platinum etc. memberships all with different access permissions. Members can purchase listings or upgrade via credit card using clickbank, 2checkout, worldpay and via paypal fully automated. You can charge your paid members for example daily, monthly, yearly membership terms with our paypal, worldpay (futurepay), fully automated or one time charges with our 2checkout and clickbank modules. Users can also use these providers to add funds to their account and use these funds to purchase allowances instantly. Of course you can also use your favourite payment provider and approve payments manually or process payments offline. Possibilities are endless.
Give your users the opportunitiy of upgrading their ad/listing to sponsored ad (top on the entrance page), featured ad (top in the selected category) and ads with unlimited variants of special visibility to stand out of the crowd (like bold text, different font color, different background image and/or whatever you come up with, you can use a different template for each special visibility ad/listing). You can set these fees for each account individually.
Administrative Controls
Why bother editing those confusing text files, firing up FTP and uploading them to your server each time for a tiny modification? Using our software just login to your secured admin area from anywhere in the world and do some clicks! Our software gives you full control over any aspect of your service, be it system configurations, database administration, template customization and of course member, account and category management without ever touching an html editor, text editor or FTP client. That's what you paid for!
Member Registration
The member registration is a fully customizable section, you can collect just the username and password for quick access or all information like address details on the registration form, the choice is yours. The application can be instantly approved, approved manually by you or after accessing a link in the verification email, this ensures you only have valid emails in the database. After direct or email approval, the member is either sent to the member control panel or to the ad posting page right away.
Member Control Panel
Of course your members have their own control panel to do their account managemenent just like the admin does. The member control panel gives your members the ability to manage their ads, private mails, multimedia gallery, hotlists, saved search profiles, registration details, personal preferences, purchase more ad credits, add funds and much more. All this via a fully customizable, secure and easy to use web-based interface.
Dynamic User Interface
One of the most important parts of your system is the fully customizable dynamic user interface that is sophisticated, intuitive and easy to use. The user interface is the first part of your system the visitor sees when accessing your website. The user interface is easy to understand, its navigation menus and links are clearly structured, yet provides powerful features you'll only find in custom programmed systems. You can display featured ads, latest ads, most popular ads, most saved ads and a list of random ads on any page.
Ad Display Options and Categories
Do you know that you can setup our software to have virtually unlimited categories and ads? Our software provides a powerful and unique 3-way main category system. You create 3 different sets of unlimited main categories which are connected between each other such as For Sale, For Rent, Wanted as action categories, Cars, Bikes, Trucks, as general categories and west coast, south, west, southwest as location categories. Further you can create subcategories such as Bikes -> USA -> New York -> Manhattan. . . , the specifications are endless. The categories provide a preview of the ad and thumbnail photo. Your users can sort preview results according to any field in ascending or descending order. Authors of ads who are currently online are marked with a green flag. Members can browse full ads, save ads to hotlist, send ads to friends, send mails to ad authors, view authors profile, report ads to you and view full sized photos (only if their account permissions YOU define allow them to).
The search facility provides a quick way for your users to find ads without browsing all day long. The advanced search helps your members to find the perfect ad out of all information you collect during registration and ad posting, from location to any keyword or part of a keyword and to personal preferences in no time. You can combine and display as much different search forms as you want on any dynamic or static web page. Search results can be sorted according to any field in ascending or descending order.
Private Messaging
Every member panel is equipped with a personal message center, that allows your members to communicate with each other anonymously and securely without revealing their email addresses and, if you want, without revealing their registration details. Members can send mails, retrieve mails and store them in their inbox.
Saved Searches, Auto Notification
Every member panel is equipped with a saved search system, that allows your members to create several search profiles and notifies them automatically via email whenever a new ad is posted that matches one of the search profiles. This saved search feature is a valuable tool to help finding the perfect ad without browsing all day long.
Multimedia Gallery
Every member panel is equipped with a multimedia file gallery, that allows members to manage their file portfolio. Members can upload virtually unlimited multimedia files such as photos, videos, audio and other executable files you define and categorize. Members can assign upto 10 photos to each of their ads and view galleries of other members (only if their account permissions YOU define allow them to).
Who-Is-Online Display
Your users will see a detailed list of who is currently online with links to the user registration details and galleries if their individual account permissions you specify allow them to! Also they will be able to view the account status of other members and their last activity.
Personalized Emailing
The email and bulk email features allow you to get in touch with your members quickly and personalized. Send news, announce updates, post advertisements or whatever you like, to one member, all members belonging to a specific account or all members system-wide.
There will always be people trying to harm your company or system, but using our software you can lean back and let the script do the investigation work. Our software is designed with advanced anti-robot, anti-spamming and security features so that you can offer clean content and focus on promoting your business, rather than hunting for people who try to catch a weak spot of your system.
Are you trying to create a classified ads service in spanish? Or are you trying to manage your ads in bahasa indonesia?
No problem! Our software can be customized and translated to any language in the world. No script editing required. All text is easily editable and translatable in html templates, email templates and message text files. Visit our showcase for language site examples.
Software Upgrades
Receive all new features we come up with FREE for one year! This ensures your system is up-to-date with the latest technologies and features.

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