Moving lines Oldes


Scrolling text 1.0

Bitmaps are scrolling much more faster then pure text! If you don't believe me, just try to put two such a long texts (the second one as a shadow) and try to scroll them.

TextField properties 1.0

To show some of the new TextField properties

3D-text test 1.0

Just a silly rotating texts.

Rotated text 1.0

To show how to rotate text

EditText example 1.0

To show how to make text fields.

TextField 1.0

To make textfield with scroller.

Checkbox 1.0

Checkbox script demonstrates you how to create a form validation mechanism for a checkbox.

menu example 1.0

menu example script is just a simple menu made in Flash

Screen Scroller 1.0

Screen Scroller script shows you how to smoothly scroll sprites to a given position

Scroller component 1.0

Scroller component script allows you to make a scroller (slider with arrows). This is a try to make the most simple solution for slider with arrows without need to use MX functions.
It uses a bitmap for arrow just because the results ...

Slider 1.0

Slider script demonstrates you how to make a slider.

ContextMenu 1.0

ContextMenu script shows you how to hide all builtInItems in the Context menu.

Button2 example 1.0

How to create button with more layers inside.

button example 1.0

button example shows yo how to create a button with some assigned actions.

color picker tool 1.0

More complicated example how to use some of the new Flash8 functions.

Flood fill 1.0

To test possibillity of use floodFill on bitmaps.

Images example 1.0

place some_image [multiply [-255 -255 -255 125]]

ColorTransform2 1.0

ColorTransform2 is a Color transform using sliders example

ColorTransform 1.0

ColorTransform script demonstrates you how to modify color of some objects.

color matrix 1.0

To test the ColorMatrixFilter